Commonwealth War Memorial (CWM) Proposal

Community involvement

The proposed establishment of a Commonwealth War Memorial in Bradford (CWM) will be a befitting source of remembrance to recognise the sacrifices and efforts of those who contributed to the UK’s war efforts from Commonwealth countries.

Details of Projects Aims:

Recognize Commonwealth’s Participation in WWI & WWII

Community Involvement in War Memorial Design

Local schools and community participating in the design of the CWM

Digitizing War Memorabilia for Preservation

Encouraging people to come forward and digitize war memorabilia for future generations

Creating Exhibit Space for Commonwealth Journey

A safe place for all to view exhibits and learn about the CW project

Breaking Barriers in Communities

Promoting understanding and harmony through learning about Commonwealth heritage

The Importance of Remembering the Commonwealth Contribution in WWI and WWII

Recognizing and honoring the sacrifices made by Commonwealth nations during the world wars is crucial in preserving our history and appreciating the diversity and interconnectedness of our global community.

Schools & Community Design Program

Involving local schools in the design of the Commonwealth War Memorial allows for community participation and awareness of this important aspect of our history.

Academic Research Program

Partnering with a reputable university, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the extent of the Commonwealth contribution in the UK’s war efforts.

Digitizing War Memorabilia

By preserving war memorabilia through digitization, we ensure that future generations will have access to these important relics and the stories they hold.

A Space for Remembrance and Community

Our Commonwealth War Memorial will serve as a safe space for all community members to come together, remember and reflect on the sacrifices of war veterans.

Optional Features

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Memorial Design

Customize a war memorial to recognize the Commonwealth nations.

Academic Research Programme

Partner with a reputable university for in-depth understanding of CW contributions.

Digitizing War Memorabilia

Preserve memories for future generations by digitizing war artifacts.

Infographic Numbers on Commonwealth Contribution

Worldwide contribution during WWI
Bradford’s current population includes
Community designed the CWM
Number of schools integrating CW curriculum
Client Testimonials

Impact of the Commonwealth Memorial Project

Hear from our clients about the profound impact that the Commonwealth Memorial Project has had on their lives.

We are dedicated to honoring the sacrifices and achievements of our Commonwealth nations.

Community Involvement

Join us in creating a lasting tribute to our Commonwealth nations.

We strive to educate the younger generation about the important role of the Commonwealth in history.

Preserving Memories

Help us digitize war memorabilia to keep the memories of our ancestors alive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Commonwealth Memorial Project is to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of Commonwealth nations in WWI, WWII, and other campaigns. It aims to establish a memorial in Bradford to honor and remember these individuals.

SHAPE-UK is partnering with Bradford Council to establish a Commonwealth War Memorial (CWM) in Bradford. This will serve as a source of remembrance and recognition for the contributions made by Commonwealth countries to the UK’s war efforts.

The Commonwealth Project has 5 phases: establishing a CWM, involving schools and the community in the design process, integrating CW contribution into school curriculum, digitizing war memorabilia for future generations, and creating a space to exhibit the journey of the CW project.