About SHAPE – UK

SHAPE (Sport, Health & Academia Projects Endeavour) formed in 2006 through the efforts of various professionals from the discipline of Sport, Health and Academia. These subjects are combined to give each of our service users a platform to realise their potential and achieve optimal well-being.

Our Vision

At Shape, we strive to promote sport, health, and wellbeing for all individuals. But our mission does not end there.

We at Shape promote!

To Promote Sport, Health and Well-being.
To broaden horizons and offer opportunities for everyone to achieve success.
To present a platform for sport and academic success for every aspiring individual.
To encourage our achievers to return to their community and inspire others.

We at SHAPE UK promote!

Impact Community Engagement

SHAPE is dedicated to making a positive impact in disadvantaged communities through our holistic approach to wellbeing. We address inequalities in health and education and provide accessible opportunities for sports and entertainment in a safe and supportive environment.


With our strong partnership network and team of experts in the fields of Sport, Health and Academia, we are committed to helping individuals reach their full potential. Our combined expertise allows us to inspire and motivate individuals to aspire higher and improve their overall wellbeing.