Introducing SHAPE UK

Explore the community and non-profit organization focused on Sport, Health, and Academia. Join our mission to promote well-being through a combination of these disciplines.

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Current Projects

We have a variety of ongoing projects that promote and support well-being in different communities.

Community Engagement

We’re dedicated to creating a positive impact in our communities through volunteering and community engagement initiatives.

Frontline Services for SHAPE-UK

Sport, Health & Academia Projects Endeavour

At SHAPE-UK, we believe in the power of combining Sport, Health, and Academia to promote well-being in our community. From our current and past projects to community engagement and family support, we are dedicated to promoting prosocial behaviours and creating a better future for all.

Non-statutory community support in Education, Skills and training for all ages.

Youth Work

We provide bespoke interventions and youth engagement activities to empower young people through pastoral support and character building.

Our mental health support services range from counseling to cognitive behavioral interventions for individuals and families.

Working with Local organisations to help young people.

Employment Support

We offer support in CV workshops and personal statements to help individuals in their job search and career development.

Our sports activities cater to all abilities, from beginner to professional, and are focused on improving overall health and wellbeing.

Discover Our Unique Commonwealth Project

Community Engagement

We are dedicated to promoting community involvement and volunteerism.

Family Support

At Shape UK, we understand the importance of strong family support for individuals to reach their full potential.

Explore our design for a war memorial, honoring the sacrifices of our service users.

Design a War Memorial

Unique Design

Our design for the war memorial is unique, incorporating elements of bravery, love, and education.

Community Collaboration

We believe that a community effort is the best way to create a meaningful and impactful war memorial. Join us in this important project.

Inclusion and Unity

Our war memorial is designed to be inclusive and unite our community. We strive for representation and unity in all our projects.

Numbers That Show Our Success

Community Engagement
Family Support
Prosocial Behaviours
Successful Projects

Our Clients and Partners

See a list of our clients and partners who have supported and benefited from our work.

Finchale Group
Shape UK
The Confederation of Service Charities
Finchale Group
Idea Finchale Learning
Institute of Supply Chain Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions section for any answers.

What is SHAPE UK?

SHAPE UK was formed in 2006 by professionals in the fields of Sport, Health, and Academia to provide a platform for individuals to achieve optimal well-being.

What types of projects do you offer?

We offer a variety of projects focused on Sport, Health, and Academia, as well as competitions and community engagement. We are also currently designing a Commonwealth War Memorial and provide family support.

What is your involvement with the Commonwealth?

We are actively involved with the design and implementation of the Commonwealth War Memorial. The first memorial will be erected in Bradford in March 2024, and we participate in various projects and initiatives.

Do you promote prosocial behaviors?

Absolutely, promoting prosocial behaviors is a key focus for us and is incorporated in all of our projects and initiatives.