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Project IMPACT

Community Engagement
Project IMPACT is a community engagement and Citizenship-intervention programme developed by SHAPE-UK LTD. Using the skills and expertise of professional staff and volunteers which includes military veterans, we work with several organisations such as schools, colleges, councils and the Armed Forces. IMPACT is based on a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach. CBT Programmes are designed by psychologists and have a scientific basis. They are used in many aspects of life; most commonly focusing on the ways that a person's cognitions (i.e., thoughts), emotions, and behaviours are connected and affect one another. Behavioural CBT programmes such as those used for rehabilitation or character building help raise aspirations and cultivate positivity in participants. These programmes provide a better insight into consequences of one’s actions through a reflective approach and an enhanced sense of social responsibility.

IMPACT was developed with a military theme and also works to raise the profile of the Armed Forces within local communities. It was launched at MoD HQ (Whitehall) in March 2015 and piloted in Bradford. Using the skills and experience of Armed Forces personnel and volunteers, IMPACT offers a variety of fun-based indoor and outdoor outreach activities. These include, team-building and leadership skills for young people to make them become feel more accomplished.

The sessions are a selection of carefully planned personal development workshops enabling participants to use their auditory, visual and kinaesthetic abilities to identify their preferred learning method. Appropriate methods for individuals are then employed in our activities to help build character and resilience when participants learn how to combat adversity through different levels of mental and physical challenges. IMPACT teaches young people that challenges are overcome through strength of character and discipline. Discipline is not about putting people in line, but inculcating pride and responsibility thus empowering young people to take control of their futures.

The aim of IMPACT is to enhance critical thinking skills and develop the individual through improved communication, leadership, teamwork, confidence and self-esteem By engaging young people and focusing on hard to reach communities in Bradford (West-Yorkshire) the Project achieved phenomenal success, turning around misapprehensions of the Armed Forces towards gaining public awareness of the issues facing Armed Forces Personnel (AFP) in local communities. It gave these young people an opportunity speak face to face with Armed Forces Personnel about their experiences and explore opportunities available in the military.

IMPACT is valued by employers as it develops key character traits, attributes and behaviours that support academic attainment and enables individuals to make a positive contribution to British society. whilst giving them the opportunity Bespoke programmes can be developed for your organisation that teach key life skills through sport, interfaith, community cohesion and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) activities which can be incorporated with the above disciplines. Familiarisation visits to military bases or character building days can also be delivered nationally as one or three day courses, or as a continuous bite size modular programme to any organisation such as councils, schools, colleges and community centres. If you are interested in knowing more about how we can work with your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: