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Our educational division broadens awareness of vocational and academic skills that may not be taught in many other educational environments. We run programmes in the ‘City Community Centre,’ where we deliver activities so service users can learn about community cohesion, citizenship, diversity and how to build self-esteem whilst making new friends. This is done by creating awareness on issues of physical and emotional self development, using innovative methods.

There is a choice of careers guidance from members of staff. Experience and advice is passed on directly to users from current students at university, athletes, people who have made a significant difference towards creating good values in society and academics. Some of these academics are established as worldwide researchers in their respective fields.

Many of our centre users are from disadvantaged areas with low literacy levels; so emphasis is placed on education, and career progression to improve the individual’s current lifestyle. We specifically assist those from poorer backgrounds to qualify or become eligible for good universities and courses such as medicine, engineering, law, dentistry and other subjects. We assist in the guidance and coaching of tests such as the BMAT and UKCAT and LNAT, which are the pre-requisites for the Medical Courses.


Specialised Coaching.
We are able to provide specialised coaching for those who would like to join the uniformed services and are required to sit aptitude tests. Although we provide tuition for students it is not simply a means to pass a course or an exam.
We believe in a holistic approach to guiding what our students require to be able to access their chosen career or achieve a realistic target. For those who are high achievers or have potential we will begin preparing them for application to one of the top universities relevant to their course, through our connections with higher education institutes. We are not just about providing educational facilities, but we will go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure those with talent can access world class facilities and enjoy their future life through expert coaching and become rounded individuals